Love is in the Air at Bingo Hollywood

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means. Love is in the air! Every year at this time, we all take a minute to appreciate that special someone and show them how much we care. In Bingo Hollywood, that special someone is you! It’s not just loving that’s all around. At this site, there are plenty of bingo prizes flying around too. Cupid will have his hands full this year, Bingo Hollywood is giving away 2 million SPS every weekend and is sure to gain more than a few admirers!

Sometimes, though, Valentine’s Day can be a bit lonely. The good news is, you don’t need a significant other to get involved in this amazing promotion. In fact, Bingo Hollywood aims to bring you closer to your fellow bingo buddies. Love is In the Air is a team event. Nothing brings camaraderie like team bingo!

It’s super easy to get involved. All you have to do is head to the Love is in the Air promo page on the Bingo Hollywood website and click the link to be added to a team. Once you’ve got your squad at your back, it’s time to get down to business. There are 4 possible teams you could be assigned to. As it’s February, they’re all suitably Valentine’s themed. Will you be a CUPID, a ROMANTIC, a ROSE or a CHOCOLATE?

Every time you bingo during the event, you’ll win points for your team. The team that collects the most points will get win the top prize of 1 million SPS to share amongst its team mates! The 2nd prize stands at 500,000 SPS, 3rd takes 300,000 SPS and finally, 4th will win a share of 200,000 SPS. The games take place from 7pm-11pm each weekend in February. From the 5th-7th in the One to Go game. From the 12th-14th play in Red Carpet. It’s back to the One to Go room from the 19th-21st February and then on the Red Carpet room from 26th-28th.

To make sure you know how to play, let us brief us on you the scoring. In One to Go Bingo, 1 line wins you 3 points. 2 lines will get you 5 points and a full house bags you 10. In the Red Carpet game every bingo earns 10 points for your team. There’s also an additional prize for first prize winners. If you’re part of the winning team, in addition to netting a share of SPS points you’ll also be able credited 2 tickets to the Silver Streak game. This game plays on the same day as the winners are announced.

Bingo Hollywood is bringing people together and spreading the love this February. Don’t feel left out, join a team and get playing! You could win amazing bingo prizes for you and your team.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Who will be our winner?

It could be you!

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