Game of Phones

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Have you been enjoying the latest season of Game of Thrones so far? The folks over at Bingo Hollywood certainly seem to be, as they’ve rolled out a promotion for fans of the show. The Game of Phones promotion is their cheeky take on the fantasy epic and it’s live to play in right now.

How to Take Part

If you want to take part in this promotion then you have to do it this weekend. We’re in the last week of the promotion now, it ends this Monday. The premise of the promotion is that you’ll have to play bingo in order to collect dragon eggs over the weekend.

You have to be playing in the Superstars room and look out for the Dragon Master. He’ll swoop in and ask players Game of Thrones themed questions. If you get the answer right then you will get yourself a dragon egg. This is a really fun promotion to play in and we’re pretty impressed at the ingenuity that it shows.

You can also win these eggs from playing in certain rooms and winning on certain numbers. It’s bound to be a brilliant weekend of bingo on this site and we can’t wait to see who the final winner is.

Bingo for Big Prizes

If you take part in this promotion from Hollywood Bingo and are the player with the most eggs at the end of the weekend you’ll be a winner. You’ll get some top tech in the form of a Lenovo tablet, ideal for tuning into the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.

There’s just one of these prizes left, with the rest being given out in other promotional weeks, but you could still get your hands on it. We’ve been enjoying this promotion all month long, we’d suggest that you take part in it while you still can!

Brush up on your Knowledge

The only hint we’ve got about these questions is that they will be Game of Thrones themed, so be sure to brush up on your knowledge. This is pretty much the perfect excuse to watch the show with a big box of chocolates at your side! Some of the story lines get pretty complicated so you’d better be paying attention.

We don’t think they’ll make it too tricky but it never hurts to catch up with the latest. We’d guess that the trivia will mostly be based on easy things like character names, but they might just throw some harder ones in there too.

Terms and Conditions

You can find the full terms and conditions of this promotion on the site, they’re pretty straightforward though. We’d recommend having a quick read before you join in, as they’ll tell you about everything to expect with this promotion. Don’t spend too long though, or you might just miss out on the next dragon egg.

That’s all there is to this promotion, just get over there and start playing for your chance to win. Then you can tune into the brand new show on Monday, perfect timing!

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