Free Bingo Newbie Room

Access the Free Bingo Newbie room @ Bingo Hollywood! Click here!

In addition to the generous 300% welcome bonus, one of the other perks of joining Bingo Hollywood is that you’ll be granted access to the Cheers Newbie room.  You can play in the room every night from 7pm until 10pm for seven days from when you sign up.  This means you’ll have plenty of chances to brush up on your bingo skills and hopefully win some cash.

If you’re a regular bingo player then you’ll already know what to expect from online bingo newbie rooms so you might decide to head straight for the games with higher stakes.  If you’re completely new to bingo then we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of the Cheers Newbie room to help you decide whether it’s worth your while signing up to Bingo Hollywood to take advantage of it.

Why play in the Cheers Newbie room?

If you haven’t played bingo before you’ll want to keep things simple until you grasp the basics so they’ve made sure that this room is really easy for you to use.

Another great thing about this room is that it also gives you the chance to meet other new players so you can share your bingo journey with them.  You never know you might even make a bingo friend for life!

The biggest pro for us is that it’s completely free to play in this room which is even more awesome which gives you the chance to try out the site without risking any of your own cash.  Once you’ve finished up here you’ll be ready to play for higher stakes such as the £10K Blockbuster Bingo game that takes place on the last Friday of every month at 8pm.

What’s not so great about the Cheers Newbie room?

As great as it sounds, unfortunately, this newbie free bingo room has some shortfalls.  For instance, you can only play in the room between 7pm and 10pm which might not be suitable to everyone especially if you work backshift or you put the kids to bed at that time of night.

Not only that but you only have access to the room for a limited time so you’ll need to play every single night while you can to take full advantage.  You don’t need to worry too much about this though because when your seven days is up you can still play for free in the Screen Test room which is open daily from 12pm until 12am.

Another shortfall is that the prizes are also small but at the end of the day you don’t pay a single penny to play so it’s all free money.

What makes the Cheers Newbie room unique?

What makes Bingo Hollywood’s Cheers Newbie room better than the rest is that there are no over-friendly chat hosts.  They’re simply on hand to answer any queries that you might have.  On top of that it’s really easy to switch from the Cheers Newbie room to the Screen Test room because you’ll know the drill by then.

Overall, we think this is the best newbie bingo room around so you’d be mad not to sign up to Bingo Hollywood today!