Bingo Hollywood TV Adverts

With the world of online bingo getting bigger every day – to stand out from the crowd you will find a lot of bingo sites make themselves known by getting exposure on TV.  The only thing – there is lots of bingo TV ads too!  So to get themselves noticed, you may notice that they can be a little on the wild side.  Take this Bingo Hollywood ad for example:

When you see this, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for something a little bit naughty.  With the blank screen and the rather seductive noises – it sounds a little saucy indeed!  After hearing the noises, you will then see the logo of Bingo Hollywood pop up and they go on to explain what their bonus is.  It’s definitely memorable that’s for sure!

Then there is this top Bingo Hollywood ad that they launched in 2013:

This one will make you feel as if you are at a lush Hollywood premiere, from the comfort of your own home.  With the big flashing lights and the ladies dressed up as much as possible, you will definitely get the glitz and glam feel for this fantastic Dragonfish brand.

Both of these ads do very well to display the Bingo Hollywood no deposit bonus, as well as other Bingo Hollywood bonus money that can be claimed.

How does it Compare?

As we mentioned there has been loads of brands that have brought out TV ads – and we thought we would let you know some of our other favourites:

Iceland Bingo

This brand incorporated the “2 little ducks” bingo call and introduced 2 life size ducks as part of their TV ad!  After strolling down a grey and dull looking street, they head to an Iceland Foods store and have a bingo party!  It highlights the welcome bonus as well as the fact you can enjoy bingo games on the go.

Winner Bingo

This is one of the most talked about bingo sites around.  It is complete with a “winner” dance from a winning player at a bus stop that is jam-packed full of people with rather curious looking expressions.  This one also did well to capture the fact that you can win wherever you are making it a winner in our eyes.

There is no doubt that Bingo Hollywood is one of our favourites as it definitely left a lasting impression!

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