Bingo Hollywood on Facebook

Bingo Hollywood is one of the glitziest bingo sites on the whole of the internet and the site has seen some considerable success over the last couple of years. The site has established itself as a key player in the online bingo market. We found that the brand also has quite the social media presence so we thought we would take a look at their Facebook page.

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Page Overview

Many modern bingo sites don’t offer players social media options. This can be for various reasons and some bingo companies have Facebook and Twitter accounts but do not actively manage them. This can lead to the pages becoming outdated and neglected. Bingo Hollywood is not one of these sites and their Facebook page, in particular, is well worth a like due to a number of key factors.

Facebook Exclusive Offers

If you are a player that likes a bit of Hollywood Bingo then the chances are that you like a promotional offer every now and then. While the promotions list on the site has some fantastic offers, the Facebook page is often the key to getting in on some exclusive promotions. We found that these were offered from time to time and players might even receive a Bingo Hollywood promotion code.

We found that the site also offered some great promotions for slot players as well. This is great as the site does let you play on plenty of online slot machines so the inclusion of a promotion will definitely appeal to players that enjoy playing slots as well as bingo games.

Still Not Convinced?

The Facebook page engages with its readers on a regular basis. For example, currently, on the Bingo Hollywood Facebook page, there is a competition whereby readers can guess from a screenshot which particular slot game the company is promoting. If you answer correctly you may be selected and be awarded 50 free spins!

Competitions are a regular occurrence on Bingo Hollywood Facebook so there isn’t really any excuse not to hit that like button!

How can you Access the Page?

Players can access the page in a number of ways. Players at home can simply access the site from their laptop or tablet. You can also use your Facebook app from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy to find and you’ll know you’re in the right place straight away.

Additional Info

The Bingo Hollywood Facebook page is also your one stop for all the latest gossip and news from the bingo world. We also found the page to be one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get in touch with the company should you need to enquire about anything on the site.

Overall, the Bingo Hollywood Facebook page is definitely one of the better bingo social media pages out there and it is one of the best places to find exclusive bingo and slot offers that you cannot find anywhere else. You won’t regret liking it so do it now and get involved.

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