Bingo Hollywood for iPad and Android Tablet

PlayBingo Hollywood on your iPad! Play anywhere!

A lot of bingo sites have begun to move to the mobile market over the last few years and rightly so, it’s a flourishing area of the industry that’s creating a whole new portable platform for these brands.

One particularly good bingo site that’s been performing well in the tablet market is Bingo Hollywood.

What makes it great for iPads?

Going the Bingo Hollywood iPad route is always going to be a good idea as this site is absolutely perfect for tablets.

To start off you can download a free app for Bingo Hollywood by heading to your App Store, alternatively you can simply open your mobile browser, enter the URL and you will be taken to a mobile friendly version of the site.

Its layout remains relatively the same to its desktop counterpart, so you know where everything is and it creates this feeling of familiarity that you would enjoy if you were using the normal PC version. Plus you can also access all of its great games like Fluffy Favourites, Irish Luck and, of course, the classic Shaman’s Dream.

Also, the portability of it means you can load up any of these great games whenever and wherever you like.

How Compatible Is It?

This app works with a wide range of Apple devices so you can load it up on the most recent model of iPad or one from a couple of years ago and still enjoy this brilliant bingo brand.

It even works with a couple of other brands like the Samsung Galaxy Tab for example, but they’re not as powerful as the iPad and your experience would be of a much lower quality.

Why Use It on Your iPad and Not Your PC or iPhone?

Of course, you can load this site up on your PC or go down the mobile route by using an iPhone, or you could shirk the iPad completely for another tablet like the Google Nexus.

However, the iPad is ultimately the better system to use and for those not completely sold on this tablet, here’s a little comparison.

To start things off the portability of the iPad is its main selling point over a PC as you can load up your favourite games whenever you like and it’s got a much longer battery life and a wider playing area, so that automatically rules out the Bingo Hollywood mobile option. Its graphics card is the best you can get and it dwarves other non-professional gaming tablets in comparison.

However, it’s not without its flaws. For example, it’s a bit on the bulky side so it’s less portable than a mobile, plus its more expensive than a lot of other brands.

Another issue is without a Bluetooth keyboard the onscreen typing is tricky and you can make a lot of spelling mistakes easily. This is not great for any bingo chat competitions that involve spelling out a word quickly.

Love them or hate them, iPads are a great piece of tech and if you’re looking for a bingo site to use on them, you definitely can’t go wrong with Bingo Hollywood. It has tons of games and promotions and it will keep you entertained for a long time.

So if you have an iPad or you’re looking for a reason to get one, then we recommend using it with Bingo Hollywood!

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