200K Hollywood Party

No one knows how to throw a party like Bingo Hollywood, they’ve got a brand new jumbo jackpot bingo game that will reward every player.

This game is a sure thing as no one will lose, the winners will split £100K and everyone else will get another £100K to share. No lose bingo games are becoming more popular but this is one of the biggest ones out there.

When to Play:

This 90 ball game plays out at 8pm on Friday the 25th of September, and there’s even a pregame party to get you warmed up. The tickets cost £1 each and you can buy up to 96 of them in this game, the more you have the larger your share of the £100K will be and the higher the chances are that you’ll take home one of the top prizes.

Prize Breakdown:

The 200k jumbo jackpot is broken up into £100K for winners and £100K in a communal jackpot that will be split up depending on how many tickets each player has. With the tickets at just £1 it’s worth it to buy a few to increase your share, there are only 600,000 of them on offer though so snap them up while you still can.

A Full House win is the one to hope for as the player who is first to get this will win £50,000, imagine seeing that credited to your account! There are prizes for one line winners and two line winners as well and in the even that more than one player gets these combinations the prize will be equally split.

The Pregame Party:

If you get online from 6pm on the day of the 200k Hollywood party you’ll also get the chance to win plenty of prizes before the game even starts. The games running during this time have a 10p ticket prices and various jackpots that start at £50.

Their chat hosts will be playing along in these games too, and anytime they win the jackpot is split between all the players in the room. They’re really rolling out the red carpet and giving their players the VIP treatment in these games.

Players can also win goodie bags and loyalty points in these games if they’re lucky and they can take part in movie trivia to win even more. After all this fun you’ll be in the mood to start playing the big bingo game in no time and you can keep playing in this room right up to when the jackpot game starts.

Welcome Bonus:

You’ll need to be a player with this site to join in the star treatment on this site and they’ll start giving you freebies from the moment you sign up. They’ll give you a free £1 to play on the site and you could use this on loads of bargain games. When you decide to add some funds into your account they’ll be ready to give you even more for your money by adding on an extra 300% up to £150.

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